Rosie’s Week With DS.E

We welcome talented interns to experience a working week at DS.Emotion. Our intern, Rosie, spent time with both our design and social team during her work experience week. Take a look at her behind-the-scenes view of life at a fast-paced digital agency.

What I learnt during my work experience week

I spent an action-packed week at DS.Emotion learning about the inner-workings of a successful digital agency. As a student, unsure of which path to take next, the experience helped me to gain an understanding of the different elements of an agency. This will influence the decisions I will make in terms of both further education and my career.

Spending time with the designers has been great as a creative career interests me. I was set my own project to enable me to understand the process of designing a campaign first-hand. I enjoyed creating mood boards to find a brand identity as well as establishing a target audience. One of my favourite tasks was photographing street art around the city, which provided inspiration when creating my advertising campaign.

Social media particularly interests me, so I was intrigued to learn about the social side of DS.Emotion. I learnt how social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, is used to promote the business online. Posting and responding to creative ideas online in order to attract the attention of potential clients seems exciting and rewarding.

I thoroughly enjoyed the week, from expressing my own creativity on the Macs right through to being educated on how a marketing business works. I would recommend work experience to anyone who wants to spend a fun week learning in a creative environment.

Do you want to join the DS.E team?

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