Is your travel to-do list Insta-ready?

You’re choosing a holiday. What do you prioritise? Sightseeing? Chance to try different cuisines or experience a new culture? How about the way that all-important #nofilter will look on your feed?

A whopping 40% of 18-33 year-olds said they’d pick their next travel destination based on how Instagrammable it would be.

The tourism industry is booming. What was once considered a relatively private affair then evolved to become a post-travel slide-show sharing fun-fest. Now, we live in the age of instant photo uploads, where our friends and family can watch our holiday scrapbook, updated by the hour.

Has this changed the tourism industry, and the way travellers choose their next holiday? Course it has. Sceptical though it sounds, our snap-happy generations are desperate to seek out the next picture-perfect shot.

Welcome to social media-fuelled tourism

We’ve heard of adventure tourism, religious tourism and even culinary tourism. This next wave sees our ‘like’-hungry travellers on the hunt for the next big thing that’s bound to cause a splash on their social media feed.

It comes full circle to authenticity. Users are significantly more likely to trust a friend or family member than a brand. Why is that any different when it comes to travel? Tourists trust their Instagram community more than a travel brochure – and, honestly, wouldn’t you?

The next natural progression is for marketers to tap into this opportunity. In some instances, it’s happening already. National Geographic gave a great example of Wanaka’s tourist board in New Zealand inviting influencers to post about their adventures on Instagram. Tourism growth increased by 14%, showing that people not only like posting travel inspiration themselves – they’re influenced by other people influence, too.

Exploration in the modern world

Has social media developed a generation of travel-curators and followers, rather than leaders and explorers?

Sowing seeds for exploration, setting trends and starting the spark for the ‘next big thing’ is the goal for most businesses (and its marketing department). Whether it’s a new tourist attraction, a hidden city bar or a relatively unknown beauty spot at the heart of a village, finding a way to draw in the masses without losing the magic is a tricky balance.

The audience is certainly right there waiting. According to a survey by Boston Consulting Group, 70% of millennials said they’d like to visit every continent compared to just 48% of non-millennials feeling the same way.

Tapping into tourism

In order to become positive and successful places, every city needs to consider its social media score. From its general reputation through to culture and community, brands, entertainment and activities, there is often much more to be done than leaving the streets as a blank canvas. The same principle applies to towns, villages, districts, retail and leisure parks and small business communities.

To create a place that tourists love and locals want to explore is ideal for any economic revenue stream – as well as an Instagram feed.

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