EXPORT: First Class Designs

What could be more British than the collecting of commemorative stamps? We asked our creatives for their take on the classic design, celebrating the best the country has to offer in their own unique style. Remember – philately will get you nowhere…


“Classic vehicles which have a rich history with our country and are instantly recognisable to Great Britain.” Dan Chircop, Senior Designer


“Iconic British signage symbols that have stood the test of time.” Dan Bedford, Group Creative Director

“Celebrating the best of modern British sculpture and installation art.” Will Asken, Senior Designer

“Often overlooked British culinary classics, best served with a cuppa or a pint.” Natasha Bonfield, Junior Designer

“Iconic typography from the logos of bands from the Brit Pop era (Oasis, Spice Girls and Blur).” Rachael Whale, Designer

“Musical icons that will forever be remembered for their trademark look as well as their music.” James Bornshin, Senior Designer

“Classic food brands that we know and love that have stood the test of time and are still going strong today.” James Newson, Design Director

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