Barnsley’s regeneration: right at the centre of the action

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and developer Queensberry are revitalising Barnsley’s town centre – and we’re proud to be part of that process.

Already the area is seeing the benefit of its transformation: the latest Land Registry data shows that Barnsley had the highest house price increase in Yorkshire, rising by 7.4 per cent from August 2017 to August 2018.

DS.Emotion is proud to have developed the brand for the town centre’s new development, now called The Glass Works, which will include key town features such as Barnsley Markets and Library @ The Lightbox. Each element of the development has a consistent look and feel, yet its own recognisable identity.

The new town square is purpose designed to host concerts, outdoor markets and creative events – attracting thousands of visitors.

Barnsley’s new town centre

The welcoming modern design of the town centre will include a new public square, purpose designed to host community events, concerts and outdoor markets. It will be the go-to destination for the town’s locals and visitors to catch up, dine and relax.

The Glass Works will provide a new home for the historic Barnsley Markets and Library @ the Lightbox, as well as its revitalised entertainment offering. The new shops and restaurants will bring major brands to Barnsley, as well as celebrating independent retailers.

The new town centre will provide a community hub for the locals, and an attractive visitor offering. With resident spend predicted to increase by £59 million each year, and a further £18 million in sales from those further afield, expectation is high.

The project is destined to be successful, but it was up to us to brand the development and generate excitement and anticipation around the new additions to the town – making it recognisable and enticing. Ultimately, we needed a brand that people would take to their hearts and invest in.

Finding the right name

Following an Active Branding workshop, we developed a new brand that provided a fresh and vibrant identity.

We created The Glass Works name as a nod to the area’s history. Glass manufacturing is an important part of the town’s heritage. This is illustrated in the Barnsley town coat of arms that includes a miner and a glass blower.

Implementing the brand

The Glass Works brand was then integrated throughout all visual designs and key messaging, including a brand new website. The aim was to ensure Barnsley residents recognised the development and felt a connection with its values – to provide a refreshed and exciting new town offering for the community.

With a more dynamic website, the user experience is much improved and will enhance positive brand perception.

The hoardings around the development are also eye-catching. Bold statements such as ‘A new heart and soul for Barnsley’ link in with the brand’s key messaging.

An exciting future

We are looking forward to continuing to work on The Glass Works’ branding and marketing strategy. Effective marketing must last the duration – from initial brand conception through to the development launch (and beyond). Whilst a brand can evolve over time, it must have longevity and we feel our creative work has been successful. We look forward to seeing the development progress and Barnsley’s town centre transform. The team will be right there supporting the project along the way!

We’re always on the look out for exciting projects to work on. If we can help make your place successful, please get in touch.