Active Branding

A powerful brand is the result of a powerful positioning strategy. We believe the key is to find the way into the hearts and minds of your customers, define and own the conversation in your industry, and engage people on as many levels as possible.

Our Approach

Every brand is unique and our process is customised for every project we approach. We make sure that all aspects of a work plan are designed to compliment your business, culture, approval process and timeframe. As with any plan, it’s then all about inspired execution.

While we hold firm to the belief that every step in our process, from an initial competitor analysis to your final company creative suite, needs to be flexible to ensure the process works for you and delivers what you need.

Getting Started

Before you begin, it is essential to decide what you want your new company brand to do for you. To make that decision, you need to understand the possibilities of what a brand can deliver:

  • Achieve separation from your competitors
  • Demonstrate to the world that you are different
  • Reinforce a unique positioning platform
  • Create positive and lasting engagement with your audience
  • Be unforgettable
  • Propel itself through the world on its own, becoming a no-cost, self sustaining PR vehicle
  • Provide a deep well of marketing and advertising images
  • Be the one thing, above all, that rises above the goods and services you provide

Our Process

Our process starts with an initial briefing and scoping session* where you outline the concept, motivations and objectives for the business. This enables us to undertake research and tailor the next stage for you.

*This can be done via a phone call in the first instance

Our Workshop

A workshop session involving the key stakeholders where we pose a series of questions and exercises to unearth what defines the business. The objectives of the session include:

  • Understanding your competitors
  • Identification of your motivations and performance measurement
  • Understanding your brand personality
  • Develop brand values
  • Develop and understand your unique ‘Brand Essence’ (what you do and how you do it)
  • Development of sales statement (role) – ‘only we can provide this service to you because…’
  • Ensure the creative brief is accurate and will deliver results that will perform over time, maximising return on investment